Boating/Fishing Pre-Departure Checklist

Boating & Fishing Pre-Departure Checklist

Be prepared to deal with the unexpected – check the list!

  1.        Weather Forecast – Check and monitor the marine forecast and check Big Wave Dave’s Website  at
  2. Boating\Fishing Plan – Tell a responsible person where you are going and when you plan on returning and give them your VHF Handle, boat name and number
  3. Charts and Local Hazards – Ensure you have current charts for the local area and be aware of local hazards and use local tide and current guides.
  4. Boat/Trailer Condition – Give boat, motor and trailer a visual inspection before heading out. Check/Test the battery, fill fuel tank and load fishing gear into boat. Check to make sure the Plug is in before launching. Inspect trailer after launching boat to make sure the rollers or bunks are working correctly.
  5. Safety Gear – Required by law and essential for your safely. kidsinpfds
    (check the Safe Boating Guide for your boat size)
    Life Jackets/PFDs (one for every person onboard
    Manual Bilge Pump and/or Bailer
    Floating Heaving line
    Paddles and/or Anchor
    Fire Extinguisher(s)
    Pea-less Whistle and/or Horn
    Flares and/or Flashlight
  6. Launch Facility with Public washrooms – Parks Building Managed by Esquimalt Anglers’ Association. Sales for launch fees, Club Memberships and Bait for Salmon and Halibut fishing.
  7. Boat Safety Briefing – Boat Captains are responsible for their guests/crew.
    Indicate location and purpose of safety gear.
    Familiarize guests/crew with boat layout and operation.
    Describe proper use of communication equipment.
  8. Be Safe and Have Fun – There is nothing better than spending time having fun fishing on the water safely!