Club Memberships

Membership Fees:

  • Annual Membership is $100.00 per person. This includes unlimited boat launches, launch sticker and our Annual Tide Chart.
  • Associate Membership is $10.00 per year. This entitles the non boat owner to all the privileges of Membership (except launching).
  • Single boat launches are $20.00 per in/out launch.
  • Memberships can be obtained at the clubhouse during our hours of operation between 7 am & 9 am daily.

Privileges for Membership:

  • Use of all ramp facilities.
  • Purchase of bait.

Commercial Membership Rates and Rules:

Basic commercial membership rates are $150.00.

  • Commercial members with more than one boat must pay a supplementary user fee of $25.00 per additional boat.
  • Commercial members must register each boat by providing the DOT number. A current membership decal must be posted on each boat.
  • Boats in excess of 10 tons must launch their boat elsewhere.
  • Overnight tie ups at wharves or mooring in the bay are NOT allowed except in emergencies.
  • Absolutely no power washing or hosing and/or cleaning boats/trailers on or near the launch area.
  • No boat trailers to be left overnight without prior notification.

Our objective is to ensure all club members and community residents enjoy the Fleming Beach facilities to the fullest.