Members Fishing Derby

Esquimalt Anglers’ Association Annual Members Fishing Derby


Sunday, August 27th, 2017 we held our last Annual One Day Members Salmon fishing Derby and it was a great turnout with almost 90 Members boats entered and lots of prizes for everyone even if you didn’t catch a fish!

Last Year we decided to cancel our Annual Fishing Derby as a Conservation effort to reduce the pressure on our Salmon runs.

This year we were expecting an even better turnout for both our Members and Juniors and they did show up in bigger numbers but the Salmon didn’t!

Our 2018 Members derby is booked for Sunday August 26th so don’t miss out!

2017 Members Derby Winners

01.   Ryan McGinn                   Chinook (Wild)              17.81 lb      $300

02.   Richard Thierbach           Chinook (W)                  17.54          $200

03.   Daniel Nadeau                  Chinook (W)                   15.43          $100

04.   Bill Van Buskirk              Chinook (W)                   15.21

05.   Shawn Carby                    Chinook (W)                   14.94

06.   Bob Decosta                      Chinook (Hatchery)       14.28

07.   Cody Buckle                     Chinook (W)                    14.02

08.   Murray Elphick               Chinook (W)                    13.75

09.   Brian Willing                    Chinook (W)                    12.8

10.   Andy Wilson                     Chinook (W)                    12.34

11.   Dennis Peterson                Atlantic                             8.68

12.   Kieran Cardinal               Coho (H)                           8.64

13.   Phil Smith                         Chinook (W)                     6.83

14.   Troy Mason                      Pink                                   6.12

15.   Lisa Blackwolf                  Chinook (H)                     6.12

16.   Glen Steer                         Pink                                   5.42

17.   Ian Nugent                        Pink                                   4.01

Totals:  12 Chinook (10 Wild, 2 Hatchery), 3 Pinks, 1 Coho, 1 Atlantic salmon

Congratulations to all our winners!

Pictures of our 2017 Members Derby!



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Thank-you from the Esquimalt Anglers Association!