Our Associations History

The club was founded in July 1952 at the present site what at the time was an old gravel pit.


The idea of a club arose in a discussion one day among a few of the old-timers at the Tudor House Pub. Jim Smart is credited with getting the wheels rolling with the Municipality.
Permission was given to assemble a portable knock down “shack” on the weekends.

The Esquimalt and District Anglers’ Association is Formed

Victoria Times Newspaper Article Tuesday July 15, 1952, by Roy Thorsen

Spring 1952

Lively new club formed

“ Esquimalt Salmon Anglers Unite “

A new salmon fishing club has been born on the local scene

It is the Esquimalt and District Anglers` Association, formed at the organization meeting last week in the Esquimalt Municipal Hall.

Ken Bishop, 519 Joffre, was elected President, and Navy Petty Officer W.C. Brown, 1220 Bewdley, was named Secretary – Treasurer. Executive committee is composed of Sgt. James Smart ( police ) 508 Lampson; Wilf Gouge, 156 View Royal; W. Des Jardins, 945 Clent and Michael ( Popeye ) Chambers, H.M.C.S. Naden.

Members of the club are already weighing in salmon, a couple already going over 20 pounds, to seek possession of the handsome trophy Gouge has donated. Biggest salmon registered by a member up to Oct 31 will win the silverware.

Next meeting of the club will be August 1. Prize competitions will be discussed at this session. Bishop reported.

Greatly improved fishing in waters of Esquimalt Harbor and out from Victoria Harbor has been one of the inspirations leading to the Club`s formation.

Club membership is open to the general public.

Legal fishing waters for club members are: Esquimalt Harbor to Albert Head, a direct line to Brochie Ledge, then to the Breakwater to Macaulay Point and back to the harbor.

Membership must be obtained 24 hours prior to weighing in a salmon the association has authorized. Rod and reel sports tackle must be used by members. Lines limited to two to a boat or in the event of more persons in the craft, one line for each person.

Weighing-in station will be at Esquimalt Taxi stand. Further station will be established. Broken rod disqualifies member for weighing-in fish as the fish must then be landed by hand.

Esquimalt Anglers’ Association Founding Members 1953

  • Jim Smart

  • Ken Bishop

  • Bill Brown

  • Bill Bendall

  • Mike Chambers

  • Ed Ord

Boats were launched off the sand and gravel beach. Some time later a cement pad was poured as a permanent foundation for the “shack” but it still had to be erected and taken down each weekend. In fact it is said to have been stolen one Saturday night when it was mistakenly left standing after a busy, tiring weekend. Today’s clubhouse is still affectionately referred to as “the shack” by many of the members. Between 1955 and 1961, the east and west ramps were constructed bit by bit. With the pouring of the centre ramp and approach completed in 1966, this part of the project was finally complete. The breakwater dates to 1965 and credit for it goes to John Graeme, Municipal Engineer and member at the time. How it came into being is quite a story in itself. Suffice is to say, John’s determination and dedication guided it through the necessary municipal, provincial, and federal bureaucracies. It is said he even made a personal visit to Ottawa on this issue. Two years later, municipal approval was given to erect a permanent single story clubhouse. That year 1967, there were 300 members. Today’s membership is in the order of 550.

The clubhouse has had a number of additions and renovations to get to it’s present state by 1996. The ramps were repaired in 1992. Dredging and float rebuilding have gone on as required. In 1982, the club constructed the Buxton Green park and a few years later oversaw a project which constructed walking trails around Macaulay Point. In 2000 we constructed a new retaining wall which doubles as a community wall. In 2002 we installed the marker buoy with a mural depicting our nautical heritage. In recent years, the club has devoted much of its energy and finances to salmon enhancement. These efforts are already paying off and the future looks brighter still. It is up to us, the present membership, to ensure the work and spirit of our predecessors continues

Esquimalt and District Anglers Association Past Presidents

1953 —– Ken Bishop
1954 —– Ken Bishop
1955 —– Art White
1956 —– Ed DeCosta
1957 —– Ken Buxton
1958 —– Ken Buxton
1959 —– Ken Buxton
1960 —– Ed DeCosta
1961 —– Ed DeCosta
1962 —– Ken Buxton
1963 —– Al Mottershead
1964 —– Norm Martin
1965 —– Norm Martin
1966 —– Ed Polinsky
1967 —– Ed Tutte
1968 —– Jim Smart
1969 —– Jim Smart
1970 —– Bob Humphreys

1971 —– Don Bendall
1972 —– Doug Knight
1973 —– Norm Martin
1974 —– Norm Martin
1975 —– Cal Brillinger
1976 —– Cal Brillinger
1977 —– Walt Nygaard
1978 —– Jim Denniston
1979 —– Jim Denniston
1980 —– Jack Stidston
1981 —– Jack Stidston
1982 —– Walt Nygaard
1983 —– Walt Nygaard
1984 —– Dan Geib
1985 —– Dan Geib
1986 —– Walt Nygaard
1987 —– Walt Nygaard
1988 —– Glen Steer

1989 —– Glen Steer
1990 —– Glen Steer
1991 —– Ray Rann
1992 —– Earl Hopkins
1993 —– Earl Hopkins
1994 —– Louis Meszoly
1995 —– Louis Meszoly
1996 —– Murray Elphick
1997 —– Murray Elphick
1998 —– Earl Hopkins
1999 —– Earl Hopkins
2000 —– Marshall Farquhar
2001 —– Marshall Farquhar
2002 —– Steve Downs
2003 —– Steve Downs
2004 —– Jim Hesketh
2005 —– Jim Hesketh
2006 —– Leigh Tradewell

2007 —– Leigh Tradewell
2008 —– Leigh Tradewell
2009 —– Wayne Zaccarelli
2010 —– Wayne Zaccarelli
2011 —– Gary Caton
2012 —– Gary Caton
2013 —– Mike Weber
2014 —– Mike Weber
2015 —– Mike Weber
2016 —– Mark Steer
2017 —– Mark Steer
2018 —– Bob Culm
2019 —– Bob Culm
2020 —– John Lukas
2021 —– John Lukas
2022 —– Gary Caton


Esquimalt Anglers Honorary Life Members

To recognize Esquimalt Anglers who have contributed years of outstanding service and dedication to Esquimalt Anglers Association, the EAA Executive recognizes these members by making them an “Honorary Life Member”.

Below is a list of EAA Members that have represented this type of service and dedication.

Ken Bishop
Jim Smart
Ken Buxton
Percy Owen
Norm Martin
Doug Knight
Bud McIldoon
Cal Brillinger

Dolph Pedneault
Walter Colvin
Jack Hosegood
Jim Sawyer
Jack Stidston
Stever Dwernychuch  – 1989
Gary Caton – 1989
Ruby Nygaard – 1989

John Graeme – 1985
Dave Edwards – 1996
Jim Denniston – 1989
Maggie Brillinger – 1992
Steve Kayter – 1992
John Kennedy – 1997
Walt Nygaard – 2001
Jack Saunders – 2003

Charlie Thibadeau – 2003
Louis Meszoly – 2004
Earl Hopkins – 2004
Murray Elphick – 2004
Glen Steer – 2007
Leigh Tradewell – 2012
Gord Allen – 2012
Charlie Blake – 2018
Mike Berber – 2020

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